Monday 15th February 2021

Homework (until Friday)

Workbook, p.30-33 (Checkout)
                     p.36/ ex.2

The next lesson is on Thursday!

See you then!smiley

Friday 12th February 2021


  • p.130: Read the information on the simple past again​

  • p.52/ ex.1

See you on Monday!smiley


Thursday 11th February 2021


-  Read the tips on p.51 again
-  vocabulary p.181 (upper-van)
-  WB, p.34

Please print out the following workshee until tomorrow:



See you tomorrow!smiley

Wednesday, 10th February 2021

Please print out the vocabulary test for tomorrow:

PDF: files/docs/users/st/6bvocabularytestU3Top2pdf.pdf



Tuesday 9th February


-Vocabulary  - after all

-Revision: vocabulary Text 2 (p.179/180)

See you on Thursday! smiley


Friday 5th February 2021


- Read the poem and the rest of the story.
- Try to understand what the poem is about!
- vocabulary (- wealth)

See you on Tuesday!smiley


Tuesday, 2nd February 2021

Hi there!

Here's the key to the worksheet: files/docs/users/st/Exercises(simplepresent-presentperfect)key.doc

Homework (-tomorrow):

- p.44/ ex. 12 (Mediation task: Recipe for Colcannon)
- WB, p.24/ ex.10 : The magic of Ireland (Listening)

until Friday:
- p.43/ ex. 10 (Write an e-mail) Please send it to me!

See you tomorrow!smiley


Friday, 29th January 2021

Homework (- Tuesday):

- worksheet: files/docs/users/st/Exercises(simplepresent-presentperfect).doc
- p.42/ ex. 8 (Write the complete sentences and   
                       underline the signal words!)
- WB, p.26/ ex. 4
- WB, p.27/ ex. 5 (listening)

Have a nice weekend! smiley


Thursday, 28th January 2021

Hi there,

Please print out the following worksheet, so that you have it at hand in tomorrow's lesson:


See you tomorrow!smiley


Tuesday, 26th January 2021

Homework (-Friday):

- Revision: Read all about the simple past and the present perfect
                 on pages 130 and 135 (+ Do the ´Test yourself` tasks at
                  the bottom of each page!). Also: Have another look at
                 the irregular verbs!

-  Please read the grammar info on page 137 carefully and find out when you need to use the simple past     and when the present perfect.

- WB, p.26/ ex.3 (Here you can also learn how Mrs Murphy found out about her Irish relatives!)

See you on Friday! smiley


Friday, 22nd January 2021


  • Vocabulary (fridge – small talk)

  • Read the text on page 40

  • p.41/ ex. 2

  • WB, p. 25

See you on Tuesday!


Thursday, 21st January 2021


here's your homework until tomorrow again:

  • p.41/ ex.4 (Please write down the words for practice!)

  • Vocabulary (passport - nail scissors)

See you tomorrow!smiley


Wednesday, 20th January

Dear 7d,

For those who didn't manage to correct their homework in today's video session: Here's the key.


And here's today's homework (-tomorrow!):

  • Learn the new words (-stop).
  • Do exercise 4 on page39 (right, wrong, not in the text).

Special task until Tuesday:

  • p.39/ ex. 6 (Choose one of these tasks!)

See you tomorrow!smiley


If you haven't seen the presentation on Teams:

Tasks until Wednesday (20th January):​
WB, p. 23/ex. 7 a: Make sentences with question tags ​
  (No questions!!!) about people in your class (example:   ​
   X, you like football, don‘t you?) – Don‘t do 7b!​
WB, p.23/ ex.8 (Mediation Task)​
WB, p.24/ ex. 9 (mixed grammar task)​
- Please write the vocabulary until stop (p.177) into your ​
   vocabulary book and learn the words.​
- Read the text on page 38 and do exercise 3    ​
   (questions on the text)

Enjoy yourself!


Thursday, 14th January

Hello 7d,

make sure that you will have done all tasks (see Tuesday, 12th January) until tomorrow. And: If you haven't done so yet, send me your dialogue!!!

See you!smiley


Tuesday 12th January


Here's your homework again

•Please copy the grammar info on Question Tags (page 136) in your book into your file! (Just the info in the green frame)
•WB, p.22/ ex.5a + 6
•Write a short dialogue in which you include at least (mindestens!) three question tags. Send it to me on Teams.


If you haven't done so yet, watch the video with Arnel.

And if you still have problems, here's a good explanation in German:

See you on Thursday!smiley


Monday 11th January

Oh, there's another task I'd like you to do before tomorrow's lesson:

Please watch the following video with Arnel (She's really charming!) and find out what "question tags" (???) are.

You're clever girls (and boys), aren't you? So you won't have a problem understanding it, will you?

See you tomorrow!!


Sunday, 10th January 2021

Hello everybody!

A happy and well new year to you all!! I hope you had a good and relaxing holiday and everybody's well in your family.

We will start on Tuesday with a video-meeting. So please check your Teams (7d Englisch St 2020/21). Please have the last worksheet which I sent you ready (negative sentences).

See you ! smiley


Thursday/ Friday 17th/18th December 2020

Hi there!

first the key to exercise 5 on page 35:

1. 've been, 2. haven't visited, 3. has ... wanted, 4. Have ...tried ...?, 5. haven't learned, 6. hasn't bought, 7. has recommended

And here's the key to the worksheet:

irregular forms I

1. 've been, 2. has become, 3. have already done, 4. has already begun, 5. has just bought, 6. has just fallen, 7. have just built, 8. has drawn, 9. have eaten, 10. have broken, 11. have drunk, 12. have brought, 13. has just driven, 14. 've just cut

irregular forms II

1. 've found, 2. ...have you already laid...?, 3. 've already had, 4. has given, 5. 've lost, 6. have flown, 7. 've made, 8. has just left, 9. ... has he gone?, 10. Have you heard ...?, 11. Have you ever known ...?, 12. has lain, 13. Have you ever met ...?, 14. has hung

Did you get all the irregular forms right????

And here's the promised worksheet about negative sentences. Please complete it. You will find it rather easy, I guess.



In the end I've got a video for you about the christmas tree at Windsor Castle (Remember: It's the Queen's castle outside London).

Watch it and find out the following things:

  • How large is the tree in the great hall?

  • What's on top of the tree? (Perhaps Amelie knows ...)wink

  • How long does it take to decorate the castle?


Bye. Have a good time and be nice to your family.

Merry X-massmiley


Last ps:  Key to the questions on the video:

It's 20 feet tall (= about six meters!!!)

On top there is Amelie's doll.surprise Well, it should represent Baby Christ, I guess.

It takes about one week!!


Wednesday, 16th December

Hello everybody,

Please complete the worksheet I gave you today and repeat the irregular verbs (!!!).

Then do exercise 5 on page 35 in your book. It's the same type of exercise (→present perfect).

You will hear more from me tomorrow! Bye!  smiley


Wednesday, 28th October 2020

Hi there!

And here's the key (Lösung) to yesterday's task: files/docs/users/st/Unit1T1p17(Sumitup).doc

Next there's a listening and a vocabulary task for you:

Please do Exercises 8 (Listening) and 9 on page 5 in your Workbook. My tip for completing exercise 9: Look at the words on page 173!

That's it!



Tuesday, 27th October 2020

Hello A-Team,

  • Please read the text on pages 16 and 17 (The Norman Conquest). You will find the new words you need to understand it on page 173 in your vocabulary part.
  • Do exercise 4 on page 17 (!) (Sum up the text)  Fasse den Text zusammen

There will be more tomorrow.

Take care!smiley


Friday, 23rd October 2020

Hi everybody,

here's the key to the worksheet "Too late". There's also a short text that explains the use of the past perfect.


See you next week!smiley


Thursday, 22nd October 2020


here are some more suggestioms for phrases you can use in personal texts (letters/ blog entries etc.).


Give them a try in the following task:


Bye for now!


Wednesday, 21st October 2020

Hi there!

Here's what you will have to prepare for the test:

   -- Vocabulary until "to kill" (Same as for the vocabulary test!)

   -- Simple past and past perfect (Yes, that also means the irregular verbs, as far as you have learned them in class)

   -- And of course: Be able to do a guided writing task (write an e-mail or a blog entry) - Learn all the phrases you need 

       and get familiar with the things you can write at the beginning or at the end of an e-mail or a blog entry.

If there are any questions, please contact me on TEAMS!


Hello Team B,

I hope you are all OK.

While Team A will be in class and write their first test this week, I will give you some tasks to do.

Your test will be on 29th October, that's next week's Thursday.

First I'd like to give you the key to the worksheets you hopefully completed last Friday:

Simple past:

Exercise 9:

1. Were the students quiet yesterday? -  Yes, they were.

2. Was their teacher happy about that? - Yes, she was.

3. Where was Dean on Saturday? - He was at home.

4. Were his friends at home, too? - No, they weren't.

5. Where were his friends? - They were at the adventure centre.

6. Was Dean angry with them? - No, he wasn't.

7. Why were they at the centre without him? - They were at the centre without him because he wanted to write a story.

8. When/ What time were they back from the centre? - They were back from the centre at 9 p.m.

Be careful with the spelling of "where" and "were"!

Exercise 10:

1. Did the Walts have a wonderful holiday last year?/ The Walts had a wonderful holiday last year.

2. What did they do when they were in Denmark?

3. The Family saw many interesting sights.

4. Did the kids enjoy the beach and the sea?

5. They sent a lot of pictures to their friends.

6. Where did the family stay?

7. Was the tent big enough for all of them?

8. Were the people in Denmark friendly?/ Were the people friendly in Denmark?

9. Mrs Walt wasn't scared of the spiders in the tent.

10. What was their most exciting adventure?

11. The Walts weren't cold in the night because they had warm sleeping bags.


Past perfect (Rückseite):

Exercise 2:

1. ..., the water had ...

2. After the Celts had invaded ..., ...

3. After they had finished ...,... .

4. The Romans had lost ..., ... .

5. ..., the Celts had attacked ... .

6. ... after the Romans had left ...

7. After the Vikings had arrived ..., ... .

Exercise 3:

1. had helped

2. had bought

3. had learned

4. had decided

5. had seen

6. had caught

7. had cooked

Exercise 4:

2. He had fed the cows ...

3. After he had worked for six hours ...

4. Cornelia had cleaned the house ...

5. After they had finished dinner ...

6. After Cornelia had checked on the chickens ,,,


Then here's the key to your vocabulary test:

1. island, 2. empire, 3. noisy,  4. weighs/ tonnes,  5. protect, 6. attacked/ disappeared/ destroyed, 7. melting, 8. powerful, 9. dirty, 10. obviously, 11. AD, 12. busy

Have you already written down the e-mail about the party into your folder?

And at last, I've got the worksheet to the past perfect story last week ("too late"). Please complete it:



That's it for now. See you!smiley