Here's the info sheet about letters of appilcation:



Please print out the following letter until tomorrow (15th February):



Wednesday 10th February 2021

Here are two worksheets you will need for tomorrow's lesson:




Friday, 5th February


- Learn the list!
- p.39/ ex.2+3

Here's the worksheet for p.39/ ex.3:files/docs/users/st/GrammartaskU3Ex3.docx

Have a nice weekend! See you on Monday!smiley


Tuesday 2nd February 2021

Please print out the following worksheets and have them ready for tomorrow's lesson:



See you tomorrow!smiley


Tuesday 26th January 2021

Hello everybody,

Here are the infosheets on the speaking test which you will also find in tomorrow's PPP. Please print them out to make sure you've got the information at hand:



See you tomorrow! smiley


Montag, 25.01.2021


Hallo, liebe Klasse 10c,

bitte überprüft, ob ihr noch euren Mebis-Zugang (Anmeldename+ Passwort) habt. Falls nicht, so kontaktiert bitte Herrn Wettinger. Er braucht folgende Angaben:

  • euren Namen/ eure Klasse

  • eure E-Mail-Adresse

  • den Hinweis, dass es um den Mebis-Zugang geht (wichtig!!)

LG T.Schott


Thursday, 21st January


Here's your homework:

  • Read the infosheet (reported speech) + (if you like) do the exercise in the worksheet:    files/docs/users/st/ReportedSpeech(revision).doc
  • Do exercises 3 (Reported Speech) and 4 (mixed grammar: note down what you want to fill into the gaps)on page 35.

See you tomorrow!


Tuesday, 19th January 2021

Here's an interesting video about Leonard da Vinci whose inventions could really predict the future:

Watch it and whenever there's an unknown word that limits your understanding, look it up!


Monday, 18th January

You can find the assignment  (Finish you guided writing task) in Teams.


Thursday, 14th January

Hi there,

Here's today's task:


And here's the official rating scale. Just have a look at it: files/docs/users/st/gw_rating_scale_and_guidelines_maerz_2010.pdf

I'm looking forward to your ideas!smiley


Tuesday, 12th January

Hello everybody,

here's the key to the defective summary. Did you find all the errors?


And this is the "Test". Please print it out, complete it and have it ready for tomorrow's video session:


See you!smiley



Monday, 11th January 2021

Your homework so far:

  • vocab. revision: U2/Sit 3+4 (global warming - locust)
  • learn new vocab.: U2/ T2 (to twist - hexagon)
  • grammar revision: if-clauses
  • Read Text 2 again and find all the mistakes in the summary (→ worksheet I sent you yesterday; see below)

I will send you the "test" tomorrow (here). Please complete it right away and have it ready for the lesson on Wednesday!

See you!smiley


Sunday, 10th January 2021

Hi there!

Back again from the holidays I've got a couple of files for you:

First here's the key to exercis 15: files/docs/users/st/Unit2p29ex15(key).doc

Please check your answers. We are going to talk about alternative solutions tomorrow.

And here's a summary of Text 2: files/docs/users/st/U2p32ex17.doc

Print it out and have it ready for the lesson tomorrow. You don't have to do the exercise yet!

See you tomorrow!


For those who can't download their files from Teams:

Here's the text:


And here's the key to the mediation task (Eden Project):




please also print out the following worksheet:


See you!


Wednesday, 16th December


here are the keys to the worksheets about Unit 2/ Situation 4:



Tasks until tomorrow:

Try to do exercise 15 on page 29 in your book. It's a vocabulary task

Please watch the following video. You will need the information for the lesson tomorrow.

While watching the video, try to answer the following questions (Make notes!):

    1. Geography: Name some places in the world where you can find temperate and tropical rainforests.

    2. What benefits/ advantages do rainforests provide for us?

    3. What do you learn about the number of different species of animals in rainforests?

    4. What are the reasons why more and more areas of rainforest disapper?


We will talk about your answers and about the video tomorrow. Please note the online meeting on Teams (9:30 - 10.30 am).

Also print out the following worksheet before the lesson, please:


Bye for now. See you tomorrow!   smiley


Sunday, 8th November 2020

Hello everybody,

See you all tomorrow. smiley    Don't forget about the test on Thursday!

Here's the key to the remaining task in TYE1 (The farmer's story):


The key to the worksheet (active - passive) can still be downloaded here (see 21st October).

Take care!


Thursday, 29th October 2020

Hello out there,

here's another task for you concerning the text on page 18 and the video you saw last Friday:

files/docs/users/st/TYE1RFDSvideocomment.doc  Here you will have to sum up what happened to the farmer so that it could fit into the script of the RFDS video.

In case you have already done the tasks about the text, here's the key to part of the exercises:


In the following worksheet you will have to decide which tense is required and whether you need the active or the passive form of the verbs: files/docs/users/st/Tenses+passive(p16).doc

Take care! smiley



Monday, 26th October 2020

Dear A-Team,

here are your tasks:

  • Please do the vocabulary of Unit 1 until "two-way radio".
  • Read the text on page 18 (Test Your English) and do all the exercises on pages 18 and 19 (except exercise 7)

See you!smiley


Thursday, 22nd October 2020

Hello Team B,

here are the keys to yesterday's worksheets:



Just one more thing I'd like to ask you:

Please read the Text about the Flying Doctors (Test Your English Unit 1).

That's all.

See you on Monday!!!


Wednesday, 21st October 2020

Hello there,

for those who will have their tests next week, here's what you will have to do in the test and what you will have to prepare:


There will be a listening,  a reading  and a grammar/vocabulary task (use of English) to complete. No guided writing this time!

Please prepare:

  • vocabulary Unit 1 until "two-way radio"
  • tenses in the active and in the passive


And here are the keys to the worksheets I gave you last time:




Book, exercises 15-17: files/docs/users/st/KeyUnit1ex15-17.doc

Just don't forget to learn the words.

And here are some more worksheets for you:

1. A keyword transformation!

This means that you have to rewrite a sentence without changing its meaning. The difficult thing is to fit the "keyword" (That's the word in brackets!) into the "new" sentence.

It's a bit tricky, but I think I can trust you to do it well.


2. A vocabulary and grammar task about Text 2:


See you!


Monday, 19th October 2020

Dear B-Team,

here are today's worksheets (for those who might have accidentally lost them ...)

and some more exercises for you:

Text 2:

files/docs/users/st/Unit1Text2 (Reading).doc


In addition, do exercises 15 and 17 (Unit 1) in your book. They are all about the text.

Please also have a look at the new vocabs in Text 2!

Passive - active:


A key will follow.

Enjoy it !smiley

An important announcement:

The first Comprehension Test in English will be for you (Team B) next week as scheduled. Team A will write their test on 12th November. We'll keep you up to date if changes come up.